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How we help?

If you or your team, are struggling to perform, or improve, then you might need the support of a performance psychologist.  We are industry leaders in performance psychology in two areas.

1: We help people to think clearer, act on decisions, and act faster, by providing one-to-one or group consultations which specifically examine the four possible solutions to all problems. This ultimately leads to improved individual performance and wellbeing and enhanced performance within a team setting. These methods are not shared with the public.

2: We help people from high performance environments develop communication skills, to allow for stronger relationships with internal and external stakeholders. We do this by training key people or entire teams, so that the speed and effectiveness of performance increases through enhanced engagement, connection and collaboration. We train members of the public on these methods only once a year and all other trainings are private and bespoke to client needs.  If you want to arrange a 20min call about what we can solve for you book in here.

Below is a brief background Hugh’s experience. Feel free to contact by email at PodiumPsychology@gmail.com for further info of what can be done to help you perform better and reach the winners podium.

Podium Psychology CEO and Performance Consultant Hugh J. Gilmore

Qualifications and Publications
Hugh J. Gilmore has completed the BASES SEPAR route, allowing him to be an HCPC registered Practitioner Psychologist. His work is underpinned by research, having publishing both his BSc in the International Journal of Performance Analysis, and MSc in the Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology. Hugh is a trainer in Motivational Interviewing (MI) and a registered member of MINT (Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers) and had the honour of being asked to co-present with the creator of MI to coach developers on the use of MI in high performance coaching. Having trained to advanced level in Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) at the Albert Ellis Institute in New York City, he was recently asked to contribute to the Journal of REBT on experiences of applied practice in high performance sport.

Hugh J. Gilmore has over a decade of experience  working with all types of performer, from CEO’s to World Champions, and has experience within the wider UK Sport system (EIS & NGB). Hugh has provided support for Olympic and Paralympic medalists for the Rio and Tokyo games and is currently supporting athletes for the next games in Paris 2024. Podium Psychology is routinely sought out as the provider of choice when it comes to developing multi-disciplinary teams and skill development in effective communication and culture, in both elite sport and the business world.

His breadth of experience from grass roots coaching to sitting on boards of directors for NGBs and everything in between gives Hugh a rare understanding of stakeholder issues across all levels, and aids in the implementation of performance psychology strategy in a complex world.

Podium Psychology is passionate about helping people understand and apply psychology to enhance their performance and wellbeing. 

We realise our success has meant that we have more people demanding our services. Unfortunately we cannot work with everyone and there is a waiting list.  It is our aim to continue helping as many people as possible and we will do this by creating freely accessible content. You can help us by sending us your questions and queries and if appropriate we will attempt to answer them in short form video (Instagram) or longer form video (Youtube). 

If you need to improve your performance to get you or your team closer to the podium, then Email:PodiumPsychology@gmail.com



We appreciate that you may not be able to wait for our availability, so we are in the process of creating a referral network of practitioners who we have trained up in Motivational Interviewing