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Who is this course for?

If you are invested in bringing your best to the people you work with this course is for you. You might work in sport with elite athletes and Olympians in an inter disciplinary support team (like me), or you might work in a similar industry where your effectiveness also depends on getting a person or team on the same page.

Every day I’m contacted by coaches and performance experts and managers, who are at their wits end. They just can’t get the people they work with to change their behaviour.  The common phrase in these conversations is “My employees just don’t get it, help!”

People like you, with great knowledge and ideas, can eventually get burnt out and mediocre performance results because they don’t know how to help others go All In.

To date individuals from the following professions have been through the Podium Psychology All In Course.

  • Strength and Conditioning coaches
  • Nutritionists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Performance Directors
  • Pathway Managers
  • Small Business Entrepreneurs
  • Medical Professionals
  • Education professionals
  • Military

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Who is this course produced by?

This course is produced exclusively by Podium Psychology, headed up by me, Hugh Gilmore. I am a Performance Psychologist, with 10 years of experience in elite environments which ranges from sitting on a board of directors, to coach developing, and being a Psychologist across two cycles of Olympic and Paralympic Games with Team GB medallists, supporting world champions in multiple sports.  


Why do I need this course?

If you are already great in your job,  your performance isn’t going to get better by adding more specialist skills. It’s going to get better when you can communicate your specialist knowledge and insight in a way that gets people to go “All In” with you. This course is pitched at the level of an introduction to Motivational interviewing and also gives a framework and strategies for using  Motivational interviewing skills and techniques in performance conversations with athletes and staff. If you are unsure of what Motivational Interviewing is and how it is relevant email me and I will send you a video of a talk I delivered for UK Coaching on how I develop elite coaches in sport.

What can I expect?

The All In course is not new knowledge, it’s rare, because its knowledge mixed with experience, it might even be called expertise. How often do you get taught anything by someone who actually does it for a living at the coal face of elite performance? I’ve dealt with heavy situations in performance and the skills in this course are a foundational introduction to being able to walk into a difficult encounter and get everyone to willingly raise their standards to build better, together. 

This course will teach you how to have effective psycho-behavioural performance conversations.   Creating unambiguous alignment, building better together around the qualities of performance that are often difficult to express and understand.


The All In course is designed for performance professionals who work with humans. 

  • The video lecture content will provide insight to the elements of Motivational Interviewing and performance change.
  • The first two live online sessions will provide an experience and demonstrations of foundational skills of Motivational Interviewing.
  • The last workshop will provide insight on how to use Motivational Interviewing Techniques in a “performance conversation” to enhance performance through a Psycho-behavioural approach more commonly reserved for a Performance Psychologist. These types of conversation are rightfully  becoming more and more the domain of sports coaches and performance managers.


  • 3 Hours of online lecture
  • 6 hours of LIVE online practical. (3 x 2-hour sessions)

(You will need to be present on Zoom and will be participating in skills practice in groups.)

Dates for live zoom practical.


Session One: Wed 9th March 7pm or Sat 12th March 9.30am

Session Two: Wed 16th March 7pm or Sat 19th March 9.30am

Session Three:  Wed 30th March 7pm or Sat 2nd April 9.30 am

Attendance at one of each of the three sessions is required. Sessions are live online and require participation. Live sessions will not be recorded.

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How do I know if the course is good?
This course has been fully tested and refined over the last Olympic cycle in the UK elite sport system with the coaches and practitioners on the front line of performance. It’s a decade of experience and emergent practice in delivering performance in complex human environments.

Imagine the conversation that has to go well at a critical time, and how you will feel when you walk out successful. Performance comes easier when you can go All In with communication, and performance stays when your team go All In, because you can have performance conversations that matter. I don’t want to disappoint you. Places on the Podium Psychology All In course will be limited as a number of sporting organisations already have secured spots for their elite pathway coaches.

I have already done a Podium Psychology course in Motivational Interviewing will I benefit from this?
  • Yes, and for those individuals who have already done any of these courses with me, please contact me to access a free place on the All In course. It’s important that Podium Psychology supports and develops existing customers. The third evenings input is new material that is not on any of the Motivational Interviewing courses and relates to performance conversations. 
If I go on the Podium Psychology All In course, is there any discount for your 2022 Stage One Two or Three Motivational Interviewing courses?
    • Yes, if you purchase and complete the All In course, you will be offered a discount of £147 from a Podium Psychology Motivational Interviewing course. This effectively makes the All In course FREE if afterwards you are interested in doing a stage one in Motivational Interviewing this would then cost you £203 as opposed to full price of £350.
    • To access this discount please contact via
    • Discount option available only by BACS/ invoice. 
    • Discount must be used within 12 months from the course beginning and can only be used once.
    I am still not sure if this course is right for me?
    That’s perfectly fine, email me to set up a call and we can chat about if this course is right for you.  In addition, we have yet to have anyone request a refund on any service provided in the last 10 years and we have a full 7-day refund policy.

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