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Have you ever said the wrong thing at the wrong time? Or thought of the perfect thing to say long after the person has left the room? Motivational Interviewing (MI) has given me the ability to connect and communicate even in difficult conversations or contexts. It builds razor sharp communication skills that are as useful to the Doctor or the Physiotherapist as they are the Director, or the Elite Olympic coach and these courses are available to anyone who be able to navigate difficult conversations with ease. Hi, I’m Hugh Gilmore, I am a member of MINT (Motivational Interviewing Network of trainers. For the past 6 years I have worked at the pinnacle of performance with Olympic and Paralympic medallists, world champion athletes, and the English Institute of Sport in a multidisciplinary environment. I’ve sat on a board of directors and I’ve sat with people in their darkest moments. In these settings you can never be too good a communicator. In performance environments the quality of communication is often a limiting factor. I have taught Motivational Interviewing to some of the highest performing coaches in Europe, if not the world, teaching them to genuinely connect with others in a way that enhances performance.

If you know what Motivational Interviewing is, skip ahead to the end and email me if you’d like to be informed of upcoming courses or added you to the waiting list.

Motivational interviewing is an evidence-based approach to conversations about behaviour change that emerged from addictions therapy. It helps identify how to communicate more effectively and to develop both the skills you need to have helpful conversations whether it’s with an addict engaging in risky behaviour or with an Olympian who needs a confidence boost.

What you need to know about me: I do things differently, I’m not fond of polluting your social media feed, and I am not a fan of sending weekly emails. I have always found that if people want my services, they seek me out.

If you want to get on an upcoming Motivational Interviewing course with me, send an email to to be added to the waiting list or to enquire about private training if you are a large group.


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What does the Motivational Interviewing training pathway look like?

The key feature of Podium Psychology training courses is that they are at least 75% practical. During the course of levels one, two and three, you will be immersed in applied conversations practicing and receiving feedback on your practice. To progress to the level of MINT (Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers) Member you must complete all three courses run by a MINT member (like myself), and they must be at least 75% practical and dispensed over a minimum of 6 days in total. There is also an applied exam which requires ongoing development in the practice of Motivational Interviewing in order to reach the level of competence required to join MINT. MINT is the official organisation for quality control and development of Motivational Interviewing practitioners.

Stage One course covers the following

Stage 1: Introductory MI (2 -DAYS)

An introduction to the relational (spirit) and technical (OARS) aspects of MI
The role of behaviour change: a critical review
An introduction to change talk and client resistance
Recognising readiness and an introduction to practitioner tools (rulers, decisional balance, action planning)
Understand the four processes of MI (Miller & Rollnick, 2013)

All Participants are encouraged to record a live session, reflect on the session and book in a one to one feedback session with Hugh to enhance rate of development. *This is included in the course price if done within 4 weeks of the course finishing.* 


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Stage Two course covers the following

Stage 2: Intermediate MI (2-DAYS)

Recognising sustain and change talk (the psycholinguistics of change)
The elicitation and strengthening of change talk
The direction and progression of clinical sessions
recognising readiness to change, using importance and confidence measures
Exploring decisional balance and discrepancy to change

All Participants are encouraged to record a live session, reflect on the session and book in a one to one feedback session with Hugh to enhance rate of development. *This is included in the course price if done within 4 weeks of the course finishing.*


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Stage Three course covers the following

Stage 3: Advanced (2- DAYS)

Clinical coding of real session
Recognising and rolling with client ambivalence (minimising and managing discord)
The directive use of complex reflections
In order to ensure competence (treatment fidelity) coding interactions will be applied: MITI and reflective practice including recognising global rating and ratings of practitioner MI competence.
Moving from phase to phase and action planning.

All Participants are encouraged to record a live session, reflect on the session and book in a one to one feedback session with Hugh to enhance rate of development. *This is included in the course price if done within 4 weeks of the course finishing.*


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Further development is often required to raise standards of practice for MINT membership.

Supervised experience (SE) (12-24 MONTHS)

Supervised Experience may involved the following depending on need. Face-to-face supervision and practice reflections; Mentored reflections on clinical sessions (supported coding); Telephone support; Shadowing of group training. MITI coding of ongoing clinical sessions; Co-training experience (for those wishing to progress to the MINT Training New Trainers (TNT) programme); Integration of MI into a training approach. There is no set experience and it is built entirely upon need prior to any plan or cost  being agreed. People would be expected to do a minimum of 50 recorded MI sessions where they reflect on them, potentially discussing with the supervisor where they need feedback or feel stuck in their development. There is no time limit to complete supervision in however people progress more purposefully if they set their own a deadline. Supervision is billed at an hourly rate of £95/hour.

The Applied TNT Test

Entry test and attendance at TNT

Apply through MINT website forTraining New Trainers (TNT) Live test of MI skills over phone. Code and reflect on live test. If passed attend Training New Trainers course (3 days)


Do I have to do all three courses to become competent?
No, people often see great improvement in their skills from attending levels one and two only.
What price are the courses?

Podium Psychology charges a fair price and over-delivers on private supervision after each course; this is not something offered by others, contact for further details. The reason behind this is we believe that Motivational Interviewing is important enough that we want to produce the highest quality of practitioner possible.  Prices and dates for the next courses are availible here Booking Now Open Click Here


Is there a discount if I do all three courses?

Yes, contact to get put on a waiting list for the next opportunity to do our straight through to level 3 course.  Booking Now Open Click Here

Is there someone I can talk to?
Yes, I’d much prefer to talk on the phone to ensure your needs are met. Please email me your phone number and three times in the coming weeks that suit you to chat on the phone.
What is your refund policy?
If you are unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances, you can transfer your place to another person or you can choose to attend the next available course. If you book the level one course and do not feel that you have improved from taking the course you can have a full refund of any moneys paid within 24 hours of completing the course*. We run a straight talking, no-nonsense business, based on relationships and genuine care for your development. *See terms and conditions.

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