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Prices vary depending on client need, each situation is assessed on an individual basis.  (A single sprinter and their coach are not going to need the same amount of service time as a whole rugby team.)

We will discount for those who wish to have Sport Psychology support over a longer time as opposed to a short-term intervention.

Some examples of how we work with current clients are as follows:

One off or  multiple consultations.   

Seminar 1-3 hours  or Workshop over a day: generally for group education of elite athletes or coaches within a pre-determined area of Sport Psychology.

Coach mentoring: 5 -10 sessions of  feedback and support in your coaching role to enhance your coaching performance.

Retainer Agreements  with clubs, teams, governing bodies and some individual  clients.

International clients can avail of video call sessions, geographical boundaries are not an issue.

Contact us to arrange a initial assessment or to just find out more .

Simply send an email to have your query answered or to arrange a meeting or skype call.

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